Magnetic fluid based squeeze film between porous elliptical plates


  • Himanshu C. Patel
  • G. M. Deheri
  • Rakesh M. Patel


An attempt to study and analyze the performance of a magnetic fluid based squeeze film between porous elliptical plates has been made. The lubricant used here is a magnetic fluid and the external magnetic field is oblique to the lower plate. The associated Reynold’s equation is solved with suitable boundary conditions in order to obtain pressure distribution. This is then used to get the load car-rying capacity leading to the calculation of response time. The results are presented graphically. It is noticed that the load carrying capacity increases with respect to the mag-netization parameter considerably for a sufficiently large range of aspect ratio. It is observed that although porosity effects are negligible up to a certain extent, load carrying capacity decreases significantly with respect to the poros-ity. Further, it is seen that the load carrying capacity in-creases with respect to the aspect ratio. This increase is quite considerable especially, when the magnetization pa-rameter is relatively large. However, for lower values of the magnetization parameter the effect of aspect ratio dominates the effect of magnetization parameter. This in-vestigation suggests that the aspect ratio has a very signifi-cant effect even if a strong magnetic field is applied. This article reveals that, the negative effect induced by the po-rosity can be compensated to a large extent by choosing a suitable combination of the aspect ratio and the magnetiza-tion parameter.