A new algorithm for helical gear design with addendum modification


  • T. A. Antal


The paper presents a new algorithm for designinghelical gears with addendum modification. Several methodsare known for designing planar gears with addendummodifications in order to achieve better service lifetime. Atspatial gears, with addendum modifications, no such methodsare described in the technical literature. Wearing of thewheels are influencing the lifetime of the gears. Slidingcoefficients are used to measure the sliding between theteeth’s flank. The algorithm is based on a theory that extendsthe determination of the sliding coefficients fromplanar gears to helical gears. Equalization of the slidingcoefficients is made at the points where the sliding is highestin order to make the wearing the same in these twopoints. The geometrical dimensions of the wheels are determinedwhile the sliding equalization is maintained. Implementationhas been achieved in MATLAB as this toolsupports directly the solving of nonlinear equations,nonlinear systems of equations, as well as optimizationusing genetic algorithms. The nonlinear solvers are used tocompute the geometrical dimensions, while the geneticalgorithm is used to minimize the equalized values of thesliding.