Alternative method for the calculation of stress-strain state parameters in normal sections of structural members


  • I. Ĺ˝idonis


The paper presents a rather universal, integral method of sequential approximation (iterative method) for the calculation of parameters of stress-strain state in struc-tural components at normal sections before cracking, at the crack, between the cracks when bending moment and (or) longitudinal force act on the plane of the cross-section symmetry axis of structural components. It is possible to take into account the deviation of the strain of materials from the plane sections hypothesis and different character-istics of the materials of the layers of the member. The method can be also applied for variously reinforced mem-bers made of different materials including layered mem-bers. Using this method, any stage of loading can be ana-lyzed, even the stage of the weakening of the bearing force of the member. Employing the presented method, it is also possible to use linear stress diagrams of materials.