Study of wear prediction by applying surface microgeometric parameters


  • V. Jankauskas, R. Kreivaitis Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Studentu 15, 53362 Akademija, Kauno r., Lithuania


Wear intensity is influenced by mate-rial, size and shape of particles, contact pressure, etc. Most models of abrasive wear intensity assessment are based on the interaction between an elementary particle and the sur-face i.e. on the estimation of a metal particle removed by microcutting. Under changing wear conditions, the present models become inaccurate due to alteration of the load values of contacting surfaces and other factors. The most reliable parameter of particles abrasivity is considered the abrasive particle parameter SPQ. Thermally treated carbon grade 45 and tool grade ХВГ steels and hard (Fe-C-Si-Cr-B) layers have been experimentally investigated according to ASTM G65. Comparison of the microgeometric pa-rameter SPQP of wear surfaces to the surfaces wear-out has exhibited reliable interaction (R2=76–89 %) between the values of wear and parameter SPQP. For this reason the parameter SPQP can be used for assessing preliminary wear-out in the cases when machine elements are made of one material and are used in one abrasive medium, but with different thermal treatment.