Modification of rapeseed oil with free fatty acids


  • J. Padgurskas Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • R. Kreivaitis Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • A. Kupčinskas Lithuanian University of Agriculture
  • A. Žunda Lithuanian University of Agriculture



Presently strickt World and European environ mental requirements made force on research, manufacture and use of environmentally friendly lubricants. Scientists lucking for the ways to reduce harm of lubricants to envi ronment and the cost of lubricants too. Both these prob lems can be solved using efficient natural lubricating materials. In current study the natural free fatty acid additive ADX 18 was used to reduce friction and wear lubricating with rapeseed oil. Tests were performed with standard four ball tribometer. The load was 150 N and 300 N. The results show positive influence of free fatty acid additive. How ever the effect in different loads is not equal. In the low loads (150 N) the wear reduction effect of additive is supe rior in comparison with reference oil. In the high loads (300 N) the wear reduction ability is not sufficient. Never theless the friction in both loads is less in comparison with the reference. The use of free fatty acid loaded rapeseed oil can reduce friction and wear in mechanisms with low load condition.