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M. Fattahi, A., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad university, Tabriz, Iran
M.A, Yalles, Université 08 Mai 1945 de Guelma
M.R., Swaminathan, College of Engineering - Guindy
Ma, Aibin
Ma, B.Q.
MA, Hong-wen, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University
MA, Hong-wen, College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin
MA, Ping, Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Guangdong University of Technology
MA, Yao, Civil Aviation Flight University of China
MA, Yunhai, College of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Jilin University
Mabrouki, T.
Mabrouki, T., Université de Lyon (France)
Mabrouki, T., University of Lyon
Mačėnaitė, L.
Madej, H.
Madhusudanan, Nagesh Sai
Madić, M., University of Niš
Mäeorg, U., University of Tartu, Institute of Chemistry
Magdalena, TUTAK, Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Poland
Maghrebi, M. J.
MAHATO, Swarup
MAHIDDINI, Brahim, Laboratoire de Techniques Avancées de Fabrication et Contrôle, Ecole Militaire Polytechnique
Mahmić, M.
Mahmić, M., University of Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
MAHMOUDI, M. O., Laboratory of Process Control, Polytechnical National School
Mahmoudi, N., University of Relizane
Maik, V.
Majak, J., Tallinn University of Technology
Majdič, F., University of Ljubljana
Makaras, R., Kaunas University of Technology
Makaras, Rolandas, Kaunas University of Technology
Makarevičienė, V.
Makarevičienė, V., Aleksandras Stulginskis University (Lithuania)
Makarevičienė, V., Lithuanian University of Agriculture
Makarevicius, V.
MAKHFI, Souâd, Ibn Khaldun University of Tiaret
Makhutov, N. A.
Maknickas, A.
Malatokiene, A., Kaunas University of Technology
Malatokienė, Aušra
Maleki, Farshid Khosravi
Maleki, M., Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Malesza, M.
Malika, Medkour, 20th August 1955 University, Skikda
Malinauskas, K., Kaunas University of Technology
Mamcenko, J., Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Mammadova, M. A., Azerbaijan State Oil Academy
Mammadova, Maleyka, Azerbaijan State OilPage Header 2014 / 2015 Impact Factor 0.292 Journal Help USER You are logged in as... maleyka My Journals My Profile Log Out NOTIFICATIONS View Manage AUTHOR Submissions Active (2) Archive (1) New Submission LANGUAGE JOURNAL CONTENT Search Search Browse By Issue By Author By Title Other Journals FONT SIZE Make font size smaller Make font size default Make font size larger INFORMATION For Readers For Authors For Librarians KEYWORDS buletin boundary layer deformation fatigue finite element method friction hardness heat transfer holographic interferometry interaction mathematical model modelling numerical simulation optimization simulation steel stress stresses temperature thermal stress vibration vibrations regional crossref crosscheck iThenticate HOME ABOUT USER HOME SEARCH CURRENT ARCHIVES Home > User > Author > Submissions > #12649 > Summary > Edit Metadata Ed Academy
MANIMARAN, Hari Prasanna, Kaunas Univeersity of Technology
Maniu, I.

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