The extent of irregular stress distribution in a two-layer cylindrical bars subjected to the change of temperature

  • N. Partaukas Kaunas University of Technology
  • J. Bareišis Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: thermal stress, stress distribution, free edge effect, layered structures, cylindrical bars, FEA


The change of temperature in layered structures usually induces thermal stresses, which affect their strength. Furthermore, those stresses are not fixed along the layer, but vary especially near the edges. Consequently, two zones with a steady and variable stress distribution can be virtually distinguished. Here the results on the length of irregular stress distribution in two–layered, solid cylindrical bars subjected to change of temperature are presented. The results were obtained by means of finite element analysis. Eighty–one structures with different values of geometry and mechanical properties were analyzed. It was found that the length of irregular stress distribution zone varies approximately from one–tenth to one and a four tenths of the bar external diameter. The length depends mainly on the values of the Young’s modulus and on the areas of layers cross–section. A set of design parameters which minimizes/maximizes the length of irregular stress distribution are identified. Some representative stress distributions along the axis at the layers contact are also presented.