Vol 61, No 5 (2006)

Table of Contents


Research on structural resistance and safety of tubular composite members PDF
A. Kudzys, A. K. Kvedaras 5-10
Investigation of mechanical characteristics and low cycle fatigue of elements after electromechanical treatment PDF
M. Daunys, V. Staponkus 11-17
Calculation of parameters at elasto-plastic contact of details with different ratio of their materials hardness PDF
M. Matlin, A. Mozgunova, S. Lebsky, A. Frolova 18-23
Failures and fouling analysis in heat exchangers PDF
V. Vasauskas, S. Baskutis 24-31
Coupled FEM simulation of turbulent flow and temperature in insulated pipes PDF
A. Kačeniauskas, J. Česnienė 32-37
Impact of contact rings in plate and blanket cylinders of printing section’s drive on its dynamic accuracy PDF
V. K Augustaitis, N. Šešok, I. Iljin 38-45
The influence of the arrangement scheme on balancing and mass dimension parameters of engines PDF
E. Grigoryev, A. Vasilyev, K. Dolgov 46-50
Human errors play a remarkable role in sheet metal industry PDF
M. Ollikainen, J. Varis 51-56
Finite element investigation on parameters influencing the springback during sheet metal forming PDF
R. Ankėnas, R. Barauskas 57-61
Comparison investigations of wear and corrosion resistance of impregnated nitride layers on carbon and alloyed steels PDF
J. Iwanow, J. Senatorski, J. Tacikowski 62-65
Surface area determination of ragged metallic bodies PDF
Tajudeen A. Salau, Oludare A. Adedokun, Sunday A. Oke 66-70

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983