Vol 22, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Experimental and numerical studies of shear pin fractures based on linear and bilinear models PDF
Tianbo Peng, Ning Guo 245 - 250
Welding influence on fatigue properties of two automobile steels PDF
Ruibin Gou, Wenjiao Dan, Weigang Zhang, Fei Liu, Tingting Huang 251 - 255
High mechanical properties of rolled ZK60 Mg alloy through pre-equal channel angular pressing PDF
Yuchun Yuan, Aibin Ma, Jinghua Jiang, Xiaofan Gou, Dan Song, Donghui Yang, Weiwei Jian 256 - 259


The model of seal mechanism for magnetic fluid and related experimental study PDF
Sihai Zhao, Qiang Sheng, Sen Lin, Fan Zhang, Lingyu Jiao 260 - 264


Electromechanical characteristics of piezoelectric converters with freely defined boundary conditions and geometry PDF
Grzegorz Mieczkowski 265 - 272
Magnetostrictive actuator with differential displacement amplification mechanism PDF
Quanguo Lu, Qin Nie, Xiaoyang Jiang, Qinghua Cao, Dingfang Chen 273 - 278
Design and implementation of uniform light guide based, force and de-flection measurement device PDF
Vytautas Ostaševičius, Paulius Karpavičius, Giedrius Janušas, Gytautas Balevicius 279 - 284


Numerical simulation of the temperature field of cold metal transfer welding pool PDF
Kaiyuan Wu, Zuwei He, Zhongli Dong, Yanlin Lan 285 - 290
Research of the friction stir welding process of aluminium alloys PDF
R. Česnavičius, S. Kilikevičius, P. Krasauskas, R. Dundulis, H. Olišauskas 291 - 296
Simulation and experiment study on cutting force of coated tool milling natural marble PDF
Yan Guangyu, Wu Yuhou, Zhao Dehong, Wang He 297 - 302
Study on the high-speed cutting for plastic mould steel using Ball End Mill of AlTiN coating layers PDF
Jin-Woo Kim, Seung-Chul Lee 303 - 307
The effects of temperature on the mechanical and tribological properties of progressing cavity pump NBR stator rubber PDF
Huiming Wang, Shijie Wang, Xiaoren Lv 308 - 312
A study of laser jet soldering process with 55 μm tin balls for head gimbal assembly manufacturing PDF
Shoubin Liu, Qingjiang Liao 313 - 317
Acoustic nonlinearity of the planar slip in the Cu-Zn alloy subjected to low-cycle fatigue PDF
C. S. Kim 318 - 322

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983