Vol 75, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents


The stress state in two-layer hollow cylindrical bars PDF
N. Partaukas, J. Bareišis 5 - 12
Statistical evaluation of low cycle durability for corrosion and heat-resistant steels welded joints materials at room and elevated temperature PDF
M. Daunys, A. Stulpinaitė 13 - 18
Mechanical behaviour of reinforced earth retaining walls PDF
L. Belabed, J. Yahiaoui, A. M. Zennir, H. Benyaghla 19 - 25
Analysis of the variation of metals mechanical properties depending on operation time PDF
J. Janutėnienė, R. Didžiokas, M. Gintalas 26 - 30
Effect of the temperature gradient on heat transfer and friction in laminar liquid film PDF
S. Šinkūnas, A. Kiela 31 - 35
Vibratory manipulation of elastically unconstrained part on a horizontal plane PDF
B. Bakšys, K. Ramanauskytė, A. B. Povilionis 36 - 41
Experiments and simulations of ultrasonically assisted turning tool PDF
J. Rimkevičienė, V. Ostaševičius, V. Jūrėnas, R. Gaidys 42 - 46
Process modeling for quality in order-handled manufacturing system PDF
D. Čikotienė, A. Bargelis 47 - 55
Tips for shear force microscopy fabricated by controlled etching PDF
L. Limanauskas 56 - 61
Kinematics and fuzzy control of ISOGLIDE3 medical parallel robot PDF
S.-D. Stan, R. Bălan, V. Mătieş, C. Rad 62 - 66
Limited accuracy reference free angular position determination PDF
D. Bručas, J. Sužiedelytė Vysockienė 67 - 72
Investigation of friction properties of yarns from natural fibres PDF
V. Svetnickienė, R. Čiukas, R. Čiukas 73 - 77

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983