Vol 73, No 5 (2008)

Table of Contents


Load distribution in the thread of body PDF
A. Krenevičius, M. Leonavičius, J. Selivonec 5 - 11
Low cycle fatigue of materials in nuclear industry PDF
M. Daunys, Z. Bazaras, B. T. Timofeev 12 - 17
Destruction of chains in magnetorheological fluids by high frequency oscillation PDF
R. Bansevičius, M. Zhurauski, E. Dragašius, S. Chodočinskas 23 - 26
Tractor ballasting in field work PDF
A. Janulevičius, K. Giedra 27 - 34
Reliability of a timber structure exposed to fire: estimation using fragility function PDF
E. R. Vaidogas, Virm Juocevičius 35 - 42
Incremental strategy for damage detection in structures PDF
F. Asma 43 - 47
Circular scale eccentricity analysis PDF
D. Bručas, V. Giniotis 48 - 53
3-D modeling of nanostructures evolution in lateral etching processes PDF
R. Navickas 54 - 58
The wear of single flute gun drill and tool life tests PDF
I. Sihvo, J. Varis 59 - 64
Knowledge based reverse engineering tool for near net shape axisymmetric forging die design PDF
Necip Fazil Yilmaz, Omer Eyercioglu 65 - 73
Investigation of rail metal of Kaunas fortress fortification narrow – gauge railway PDF
G. Žaldarys, S. J. Chodočinskas, A. Štuopys 74 - 78

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983