Vol 85, No 5 (2010)

Table of Contents


Statistical evaluation of low cycle stress-strain curves parameters for alloyed structural steels weld metals at room and elevated temperature PDF
M. Daunys, A. Stulpinaitė, R. Šniuolis 5 - 10
Elastic analysis of pressurized thick hollow cylindrical shells with clamped-clamped ends PDF
M. Ghannad, M. Zamani Nejad 11 - 18
Investigation of dependences of stress strain state properties on metal sheet holding force at its forming PDF
R. Bortkevičius, R. Dundulis, R. Karpavičius 19 - 24
Investigation of resistance of nuclear fuel cladding to hydride cracking PDF
V. Makarevičius, A. Grybėnas, R. Kriūkienė 25 - 30
Numerical investigation of impact behaviour of sandwich fiber reinforced plastic composites PDF
D. Zeleniakienė, P. Griškevičius, V. Leišis, D. Milašienė 31 - 36
Experimental investigation of in-line tube bundles PDF
T. Yahiaoui, L. Adjlout, O. Imine 37 - 43
Piezoelectric bimorphs for laser shutter systems: optimization of dynamic characteristics PDF
V. Jurenas, R. Bansevicius, S. Navickaite 44 - 47
Shape optimization of a lightweight tetrapod-like superelement PDF
O. Verners, M. Dobelis 48 - 55
Mechanical design and system control of quadruped robot
S. Vatau, V. Ciupe, C. Moldovan, I. Maniu 56 - 60
Theoretical considerations regarding the virtual modelling of surfaces used in topography PDF
E. Teutan, M. Bara, I. Ardelean 61 - 65
Time-frequency analysis of the current measurement by hall effect sensors for electric arc welding machine PDF
T.Ç. Akıncı 66 - 71
Optimization of the high-speed profile plunge grinding process PDF
D. Somov, Z. Bazaras, A. Pupleviciute 72 - 76

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983