Vol 22, No 5 (2016)

Table of Contents


The temperature and pre-crack length effects on delamination resistance of woven GFRP sandwich composites PDF
Meltem Evren Toygar, Farshid Khosravi Maleki 331 - 336
Identification of elastic properties of individual material phases by cou-pling of micromechanical model and evolutionary algorithm PDF
W. Ogierman, G. Kokot 337 - 342
Numerical homogenization of the foamed metal structures PDF
A. John, M. John, A. Bartela 343 - 348
Determination critical stresses of buckling on basis of stresses and geometrical parameters analyses PDF
Aušra Malatokienė, Antanas Ziliukas 349 - 353
Investigation on low cycle fatigue of aluminium alloy welded joints PDF
Sigitas Kilikevičius, Ramūnas Česnavičius, Povilas Krasauskas, Romualdas Dundulis, Nagesh Sai Madhusudanan 354 - 358
Flow stress behavior and constitutive model of 7055 aluminum alloy during hot plastic deformation PDF
Tao Zhang, Wu Yun-xin, Gong Hai, Shi Wen-ze, Jiang Fang-min 359 - 365
Cracked scuba panel safety valve disc fracture analysis PDF
Goran Vukelic 366 - 370
Three-dimensional finite element analysis of fracture behaviour of adhesively bonded single lap-joints PDF
Ali Benhamena, A. Djebli, L. Aminallah, A. Aid, M. Benguediab, A. Amrouche 371 - 375
The effect of cold and hot reformation process to mechanical properties of deformed automobile chassis material PDF
Bekir Çevik, H. Kocaman, B. Çevik, A. Durgutlu, T. Fındık 376 - 379


The application of the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method to the simulation and analysis of blanking process PDF
Lukasz Bohdal 380 - 387
Study of the solidification process of a phase change material contained in a heat exchanger with the presence of a porous medium PDF
Bendermel Othman, Seladji Chakib 388 - 395


Research of hand tremor vibrations and interference with external me-chanical oscillations source PDF
Mantas Venslauskas, Edvinas Litvinas, Andrius Romualdas Juknevičius, Vytautas Ostaševičius 396 - 400
Dynamic Modeling of the Line Throwing Rocket with Flight Motion Based on Kane’s Method PDF
Ming Lu, Gu Wenbin, Liu Jianqing, Wang Zhenxiong, Xu Jinling 401 - 409
Simulation of a vibrating reed exciter for thickening different fabrics in weaving loom PDF
Maciej Kuchar, Krzysztof Siczek 410 - 415


Method for determination of interaction between a two-wheeled self-balancing vehicle and its rider PDF
Maciej Ciężkowski 416 - 424


Study on the charging combination optimization for forging production based on discrete shuffled frog leaping algorithm PDF
Zhu Baiqing, Lu Haixing, Bai Shaobu, Tong Yifei, He Fei 425 - 431
Investigation of fracture of carbon steel springs used for furniture application PDF
Rasa Kandrotaite Janutiene 432 - 437
Olive seperation machine based on image processing PDF
Melih Kuncan, Hüseyin Metin Ertunç 438 - 443
Analysis of 50 m Backstroke Class S4 Disabled Swimmers Race Parameters PDF
Ginas Cizauskas, Kestutis Skucas, N. Lagūnavičienė, V. Pokvytytė 444 - 448
The sedimentation of magneto-rheological fluid monitoring system based on resistivity measuring PDF
Joris Vėžys, E. Dragašius, V. Volkovas, A. Mystkowski, E. Korobko 449 - 452

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983