Material of the manuscripts submitted for publication to the journal must be original and previously unpublished. During the period of 1995-2016 in the journal it was published: about more than 1506 scientific papers. Therein 553 papers of foreign scientists and countries (Algeria, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Byelorussia, China, Estonia, Germany, India, France, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Thailand, Ukraine, USA and etc.).

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Vol 23, No 3 (2017)

Table of Contents


Finite element investigation osteoporotic lumbar L1 vertebra buckling in a presence of torsional load PDF
Olga CHABAROVA, Vidmantas ALEKNA, Rimantas KAČIANAUSKAS, Oleg ARDATOV 326 - 333
Investigation of stress-strain state of micro-corrugated cardboard com-ponents in the process of its laminating and manufacturing pac PDF
Svitlana HAVENKO, Volodymyr BERNATSEK, Svitlana KHADZHYNOVA 334 - 340
Creep behaviour of plane frame structures made of GFRP profiles PDF
Mutlu Seçer, M.E. Kural 341 - 346
I-beam girders dimensioning with numerical modelling of local stresses in wheel-supporting flanges PDF
Damian Gąska, Tomasz Haniszewski, Jerzy Margielewicz 347 - 352
Quenching residual stresses in T-section 7050 aluminum alloy forging PDF
Hai Gong, Yunxin Wu, Tao Zhang, Yaoqiong Liu, Chen Li, Hao Ji, Shouhua Yi, Minghui Cao, Feng Xiao 353 - 358
The influence of the geometrical parameters on the mechanical properties of honeycomb structure PDF
Małgorzata JOHN, Antoni JOHN, Wojciech SKARKA 359 - 364
The analysis of deformations of the frame in a basic minibus and a low floor minibus PDF
Vytenis Surblys, Tautvydas Pravilonis, Edgar Sokolovskij 365 - 369
Evaluation of early-age performance of reinforced concrete pile cap PDF
Petr ŠTEMBERK, Michaela FRANTOVA, Martin PETRIK 370 - 373


Nonlinear peristaltic motion of a Jeffery nanofluid with shear stress and MHD effects PDF
M Kothandapani, V Pushparaj, J Prakash 374 - 381
Influence of thermophoresis on MHD micropolar fluid over moved permeable plate PDF
Redha Allouaoui, Mohamed najib Bouaziz 382 - 390
Fluid-solid coupling dynamic equations considering gas desorption con-traction and coal motion deformations PDF
P. Xu, Y. Tie, X.M. Wang 391 - 396
Periodic flow due to non-torsional oscillations of eccentric rotating porous disks in the presence of a magnetic field PDF
H. Volkan - Ersoy 397 - 401


An Efficient Method for Calculating Damped Critical Speeds of a Build-in Motorized Spindle PDF
Guiping Liu, Wengui Mao 402 - 407
High frequency separation of suspended micro/nanoparticles PDF
Vytautas OSTASEVICIUS, Evgenia Golinka, Vytautas Jurenas, Rimvydas Gaidys 408 - 411


Integrated control of direct yaw moment control and active suspension system for 4wd vehicles PDF
Jianjun Hu, Yi Han, Jia Chen 412 - 424
Analytical gear mesh model using 3D gear geometry PDF
Zdenek Neusser, Tomas Vampola, Michael Valasek 425 - 431


Finite Element Modeling of Tool Stresses on Ceramic Tools in Hard Turning PDF
Mustafa Günay, Mehmet Erdi Korkmaz, Nafiz Yaşar 432 - 440
The influence of the strategy of acquisition on uncertainties of measurement of a machined surface PDF
gheribi hassina 441 - 448
Experimental study of drying of green chili by solar air flat plate collector used obstacles PDF
Kamel Aoues, M. Zellouf, A. Labed, N. Moummi 449 - 455
Self-powered wireless sensor system application for cutting process con-trol PDF
Paulius Karpavicius, Vytautas Ostasevicius, Vytautas Jurenas, Jolantas Baskutiene 456 - 461
Performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine fulled by corn oil biodiesel blends with air pre-heater PDF
Gopinath V, P. Shanmughasundaram, P. Suresh 462 - 468
Wear of cemented tungsten carbide (WC) router cutters during oak wood milling PDF
D. Kazlauskas, V. Jankauskas, R. Bendikienė, G. Keturakis, L. Mačėnaitė 469 - 472
Forming kinematics analysis of countersinking process PDF
I. Jallouli, H. Mosbah, A. Krichen 473 - 478

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983