Vol 60, No 4 (2006)

Table of Contents


Investigation of mechanical characteristics of polymer films for packaging production PDF
A. Dabkevičius, E. Kibirkštis 5 - 8
Immediate and long-term strength tests of connections in the wood-framed structure PDF
M. Malesza, C. Miedziałowski 9 - 15
Investigation of relation between durability of adhesive joints of soft polymeric materials and roughness characteristics of glued surfaces PDF
L. Mačėnaitė, V. Pekarskas 16 - 22
“Droplet” problem in the aspect of modern thermal technologies PDF
G. Miliauskas, V. Garmus 23 - 31
Dynamics of a body vibrating according to the law of harmonics on an air-cushion PDF
B. Bakšys, A. Ramonas 32 - 39
Dynamics of rigid bodies in fluid and limit eigenmodes; theoretical research PDF
V. Kargaudas, M. Augonis 40 - 44
Effects of elastic and damping features of mechanical systems on amplitude frequency characteristics PDF
P. Ilgakojis, R. Raugaitė, S. Merkevičius, A. Bartaševičius, E. Jotautienė, A. Vainoraitė 45 - 49
Swinging leg influence on long jump PDF
G. Čižauskas, A. Palionis, V. Eidukynas 50 - 53
Technical and classical yarns friction properties investigation PDF
V. Svetnickienė, R. Čiukas 54 - 58
Investigation of dislocation structure of low carbon steel during static loading PDF
A. Čiuplys, J. Vilys, V. Čiuplys, V. Kvedaras 59 - 66

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983