Vol 76, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents


Cracking threshold of the welded joints subjected to high-cyclic loading PDF
R. Stonkus, M. Leonavičius, A. Krenevičius 5 - 10
Lattice-based six-spring discrete element model for discretisation problems of 2D isotropic and anisotropic solids PDF
R. Kačianauskas, V. Vadluga 11 - 19
Mechanics of initial dot contact PDF
M. Маtlin, E. Kazаnkinа, V. Kаzаnkin 20 - 23
Research of mine imitator interaction with deformable surface PDF
A. Fedaravičius, P. Šaulys, P. Griškevičius 24 - 27
The effects of water aging on the mechanical properties of glass-fiber and kevlar-fiber epoxy composite materials PDF
Y. Menail, A. El Mahi El Mahi, M. Assarar, B. Redjel, A. Kondratas 28 - 32
Study of resonant vibrations shapes of the beam type piezoelectric actuator with preloaded mass PDF
D. Mažeika, R. Bansevičius 33 - 37
Mutual positioning of automatically assembled noncylindrical parts PDF
B. Bakšys, T. Sokolova 38 - 45
Investigation of adequacy of the acoustical field model PDF
R. Mikalauskas, V. Volkovas 46 - 49
Simulation of industrial robots for laser welding of load bearing construction PDF
I. Karabegović, B. Hrnjica 50 - 54
Investigation of thermal stability of holographic plate PDF
G. Janušas, A. Palevičius 55 - 60
Investigation of drivers poses influence to the intervertebral forces in the junction of thoracic and lumbar spinal curves PDF
E. Rukuiža, V. Eidukynas 61 - 64
Simulation possibilities of controlled rowing force generated by hydraulic loading unit of training facility PDF
V. Grigas, A. Legha, R.T. Tolocka 65 - 68
Basic aspects concerning modular design of reconfigurable parallel manipulators for assembly tasks at nanoscale PDF PDF
R. Pacurari, A Csizar, C. Brisan 69 - 76
Formation of MEMS nanocomposit layers and investigation of their mechanical properties PDF
S. Ponelytė, I. Prosyčevas, A. Guobienė, R. Balčiūnas, J. Puišo 77 - 82

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983