Vol 78, No 4 (2009)

Table of Contents


On the safety prediction of deteriorating structures PDF
A. Kudzys, O. Lukoševičienė 5 - 11
Load distribution in the threaded joint subjected to bending PDF
A. Krenevičius, Ž. Juchnevičius 12 - 16
Dependence of ultimate tensile strength of friction stir welded AA2024-T6 aluminium alloy on friction stir welding process parameters PDF
N. Shanmuga Sundaram, N. Murugan 17 - 24
An analysis of beam elongation influence to postbuckling displacements under displacement dependent axial force PDF
V. Doleček, S. Isić, A. Voloder 25 - 30
Comparison of dynamic behaviour of EMA-3 railgun under differently induced loadings PDF
L. Tumonis, M. Schneider, R. Kačianauskas, A. Kačeniauskas 31 - 37
Intelligent model for painting process and cost forecasting PDF
R. Mankute, A. Bargelis 38 - 43
A new technique for the creation of a higher accuracy 3D geometrical model of the human masticatory system PDF
G. Pileičikienė, A. Šurna, G. Skirbutis, R. Šurna, R. Barauskas 44 - 50
The Smart Stick adaptive structure PDF
K. Pilkauskas, R. Gaidys, C. Lira 51 - 56
Chip control system for monitoring the breaking of chips and elimination of continuous chips in rough turning PDF
V. Ryynänen, J. Ratava, T. Lindh, M. Rikkonen, I. Sihvo, J. Leppänen, J. Varis 57 - 62
Design and virtual reality simulation of frontal - sinusoidal ball transmission PDF
M. Bara, S.-D. Stan, E. Teutan, Dan Verdes 63 - 68
Finite element analysis of three-hole socket with a shutter PDF
Tong Yifei, Li Dongbo, Yu Fei, He Yong 69 - 74
About cutting forces for skiving by a movable two-blade block PDF
М. Кarshakov, V. Kostadinov 75 - 80

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983