Vol 86, No 6 (2010)

Table of Contents


Investigation of low cycle asymmetric torsion PDF
M. Daunys, R. Česnavičius 5 - 10
Investigation of anti-intrusion beams in vehicle side doors PDF
E. Černiauskas, A. Keršys, V. Lukoševičius, J. Sapragonas 11 - 16
Viscoplasticity coupled with nonlocalized damage for incompatibilities due to strain softening PDF
P. Pirali, Gh. H. Liaghat, M. T. Ahmadi 17 - 23
Numerical simulation sequence in applying to facility for sports and entertainment skiing slopes PDF
M. Samofalov 24 - 31
Computation film cooling from three different holes geometries PDF
A. Khorsi, A. Azzi 32 - 37
Modeling, experimental research and critical parameter analysis of glider’s dynamic characteristics PDF
A. Rugaitis, K. Juočas, V. Volkovas, V. Deksnys 38 - 42
Real-time parameter identification for highly coupled nonlinear systems using adaptive particle swarm optimization PDF
B. Ranjbar Sahraei, A. Nemati, A. A. Safavi 43 - 49
Classic finite elements for simulation of piezoelectric smart structures PDF
M. Rahmoune, D. Osmont 50 - 57
Logbuild - CAD/CAM system for log houses PDF
L. Portjanski, G. Nekrassov, R. Zahharov, E. Shevtshenko 58 - 65
Computational analysis of the magnetorheological fluid loading unit of rowing simulator PDF
V. Grigas, K. Kazlauskienė, A. Šulginas, R.T. Toločka 66 - 70
Machinability investigation in hard turning of AISI H11 hot work steel with CBN tool PDF
H. Aouici, M.A. Yallese, B. Fnides, T. Mabrouki 71 - 77
Experimental characterization of material structure of piezoelectric PVDF polymer PDF
V. Ostaševičius, I. Milašauskaitė, R. Daukševičius, V. Baltrušaitis, V. Grigaliūnas, I. Prosyčevas 78 - 82

Print ISSN: 1392-1207
Online ISSN: 2029-6983